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51 Rainbow Ice Cream

About Us

In the year 1988, Mr. Abdul Razzak Patwa established an Ice cream Parlor as partnership business in Surat (Gujarat) India, with Variety products of fresh Scoop Ice creams with registered name as “Navrang Ice-Cream”. Mr. Abdul Razzak is the main person for introducing Thick Shake for the first time in Surat. After few years Patwa family solely re-established this business with the brand name of “51 Rainbow Ice Cream”. Mr. Salman Patwa, the son of Mr. Abdul Razzak Patwa is handing all operations of 51Rainbow Ice Cream since 2008. With a clear vision of making 51Rainbow Ice Cream an international brand, Mr. Salman Patwa is working very hard in this direction. 51Rainbow Ice Cream has specialty in providing quality and value to consumers through more than 25 retail outlets in various cities of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Kolkata.

We keep strict focus on quality during our manufacturing processes, and take extreme care on maintaining hygiene of our products, serve you with great warmth at our outlets which has helped us gain something very valuable over the last 28 years of our operations that is your Love and Trust. By using only the finest ingredients to make our ice cream, 51Rainbow Ice cream delivers the best tasting ice cream. Rich & Creamy in terms of product range, we are equally diverse and offer you mouth-watering products across all categories of Ice Creams, Thick Shakes, Roll & Fog Ice cream. We are passionate about innovation and research constantly for new flavours and new ice cream dishes that we can serve you. Above all we are also the only manufacturer of Ice creams premix in India. Our ice cream premix is sold in the market with the brand name of Ajwa Foods.


Since it’s inception, 51Rainbow Ice-Cream has been very innovative in it’s approach not only in introducing new variety of products and flavors but also in providing unique experience to it’s Customers. Adding new flavors, introducing new products, improving quality and presentation of products, staff training, providing feel good ambience etc., are some of the areas in which you can see constant updation from the management of 51Rainbow Ice cream. 51Rainbow Ice cream is one of the very few ice cream brand to have more than 100 varieties in ice creams, vast variety in thick shakes and a variety of concepts in live ice cream like Fog Ice Cream, Roll Ice Cream and Cold Stone.



Sun 12 noon – 12 midnight
Mon 12 noon – 12 midnight
Tue 12 noon – 12 midnight
Wed 12 noon – 12 midnight
Thu 12 noon – 1 am
Fri 12 noon – 1 am
Sat 12 noon – 1 am

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Shop No 12, R467, Al-Wasl Building, Al Karama, Dubai 32475



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