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The Mumbai Social Kulfiholic

About Us

It took a while for the opening date because of some challenges from dealing and coordinating with contractors, vendors and to getting approval from authorities. Challenges didn’t stop them. With inspiration from their mothers and supportive husbands they were able to open up Kulfiholic- The Mumbai Social. With dishes inspired by the street vendors of Bombay and their mother’s cooking, you will really feel the Bombay vibe not just because of the train-like seats, or the cool Riskshaw, but the food itself will transport you to lovely fond memories of Bombay!
Most of the ingredients are sourced from India giving it an authentic taste. In addition to the authentic taste, all their dishes are made fresh every day. They don’t pre-cook the meals in bulk, re-heat and serve.

First step inside Kulfiholic– The Mumbai Social is a nostalgia for everyone even if you have not been to Bombay. The wall decors with old movie posters and the up-cycled materials turned into a furniture made the restaurant a new millennial spot to hangout and eat. Check out the 360 view of the restaurant on their Google listing.

Their major attractions are street food but there are still common favorites for those who are traditional. One of which is the Chocoholic Sandwich. It is grilled Nutella sandwich with cheddar cheese on top. This is a total treat for kids. The crunchy bread with cheese feels like pizza with a kick of hazelnut chocolate from the Nutella. Big Melt is a not the usual sandwich. It is grilled white bread loaded with corn, bell pepper, paneer with green chutney and bechamel sauce. The bechamel sauce and paneer overpowered the green chutney which isn’t bad. You can ask more chutney if you prefer 2 it more spicy.

Poori Firangi is puri with corn, bell pepper, pizza sauce, cheese, topped with chili flakes. These tastes like a mexican puri. Soooo yummy, you would want to eat it fast all by yourself. Not so meaty burger is made of juicy soya patty topped with baigan (aubergine) bharta, pickled radish and emmental cheese. Served with fries and slaw. The patty is surprisingly good. It is something you can have if you are craving for a good burger without the meat. Fries has schezwan sauce which made it a little bit spicy. Aey mamu soya kya is soya kheema served with pav. This is another shocking vegetarian dish that tastes like meat. You can fool anyone who don’t eat veggies with this dish. I was simply blown away, if they didn’t tell me it was soya I would have never have guessed. Perfect for those who have turned vegetarian but still craves for meatyl famous Bombay Kheema pav.

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